Social Strategy

Enterprise Social today is a web of multiple layers of organizational and customer insight that is putting even the most effective digitally savvy firms to the test. It is imperative to chart these waters with a clear agenda for results and success, something left unspoken for sometimes. Not just that, the challenges lie in integrating many of the organization’s existing capabilities with the new, while mirroring its governance and strategy. For instance, customers are sending a surfeit of views, opinions and reviews into their communities and the Internet, and enterprises must adapt or perish in such a scenario.

Valforma’s Advisory Services work closely with clients to align their Enterprise Social strategies and execution with their overarching strategy focused on customers, employees and vendor partners resulting in a distinct focus that is driven by vision and goals, rather than short term expediencies. Our strategy build-out includes not just tactical questions about the selection and management of social media properties but also a view on risk, execution, training and monitoring.

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