Understanding customer segmentation, drivers for engagement along with lifetime customer and segment value are foundational to today’s customer centric organization. Sales analytics has come to play an instrumental role in mining insights about customer/ prospect behavior, attributing drivers and qualifying opportunities. While it helps qualify accounts in terms of cost-benefit analyses, it also provides a deep action-oriented insight into salesforce productivity and pipeline opportunities.

Valforma offers high-end, real-time analytics in sales and customer behavior to enable quick decision-making within your organization. By providing answers to your business questions in time, by identifying factors that influence your market share, by putting together seemingly unrelated data in a correlated manner, Valforma can help you generate meaningful and actionable insights. We can help make sense of existing knowledge such as customer market research, social listening and purchase patterns while overlaying it with internal production, inventory and sales data to support incisive decision-making. In addition to that, we help clients comprehend outcomes through scenario simulations that help assess risks intelligently in this fast-paced and competitive environment.