SaaS Strategy

As corporations seek to unlock cost efficiencies and value from their targeted technology investments, SaaS adoption continues to have tremendous momentum. Looking to grow at 26% in 2016, the global SaaS software market is estimated at a gargantaun $106 Billion. Demonstrated benefits of accessibility, economies of scale, rapid deployment and lean cost management have proven its place as a key business-enabler. It is imperative then, in such an environment, to move forward taking into account all pragmatic factors of implementation, such as availability, performance, capacity and customizability.

For instance, the delivery of Iaas, PaaS and SaaS across the organization requires navigation through numerous business and process capabilities, readiness and future demand. This and multiple other aspects of a SaaS strategy, either greenfield or as an enhancement, require insight and careful deliberation.

Valforma has the expertise to deploy the appropriate SaaS construct and solution, in a manner and magnitude that is ideal to the organization’s existing infrastructure, systems, scale and business processes.

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