Enterprise Social

Very few companies have fully harnessed the value of social technologies to capture business value and improve productivity. The landscape is rapidly evolving – with opportunities for enhanced customer intimacy, collaboration with partners and employees, and faster product/ services development. Enterprises have only just scratched the surface. While several organizations have deployed social technologies, few may have unlocked the key to create an integrated construct, one that combines internal and externally focused social media that results in sustained impact at the enterprise level, while avoiding unnecessary communication layers.

An enterprise can have enhanced intelligence and listening on account of its social media strategies, but the journey is a delicate balance. It is critical that companies define their objectives, choose the right set of technologies, and carefully consider the accompanying organizational change. Tracking and evolving metrics to understand the true impact of any social media program is also crucial to this change management.

Through our Advisory and Services offerings, Valforma is able to support clients in this transformative journey as they adopt social media to create lasting business value.

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