Enterprise Mobility

Simple numbers tell the story – IDC forecasts peg worldwide smartphone shipments to surpass 1.2 billion units in 2015, an explosive 23% increase over the previous year. Gartner calls it the “Nexus of Forces”. The extraordinary confluence of the cloud, mobility, social networking and the Internet’s prodigious reach, which has changed the thinking gears of enterprises, across size, region and target customer segment. They must respond to pivotal (and not the hyped) mobile trends that underpin future competitiveness and innovation potential, trends that will precipitate major shifts in employee productivity, customer engagement and supplier collaboration.

However, it is easy to get caught up in trying to do as much “as can be done.” Companies will need to be prudent (and sometimes non-traditional) about their cost of execution in the long-run and making the right trade-offs between a focused Enterprise Mobility strategy versus one that is too broad to create any substantive competitive position.

Through its Advisory and Services offerings, Valforma works with clients to navigate their Enterprise Mobile opportunities and challenges, while assuring a high level of accountability and partnership.

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