Enterprise Analytics

Analytics may be the catch-all phrase of this age but there is still much untapped opportunity out there. Over the last couple of decades or so, enterprise applications have proliferated and resulted in colossal data capture. In addition to traditional enterprise data, there are multiple sources of unstructured listening such as emails, contracts and various collaboration systems that need to align with the traditional Enterprise Information and Data Warehouse Systems. While the early-age business intelligence tools focused on reporting, the big data environment today has exploded.  IDC pegs just the business analytics software market at $38 Billion with an annual growth rate of 10% through till 2008. This demand is driving innovation through this space, including in-memory computing, faster batch-based architectures and product integration. Riding the big data wave, however, is as much about recognizing its potency as it is about learning to run an efficient and lean analytics function amidst a furiously evolving tools landscape.

Valforma has an in-depth appreciation of the continuously changing, almost chaotic, Enterprise Analytics landscape. The high traction in this market makes choices even more rigorous. We help clients evaluate their analytics needs, assess the current data environment and devise a strategy that provides the maximum value for their investments. Working across the full spectrum of descriptive/ diagnostics, predictive and prescriptive analytics, Valforma’s Advisory and Services offerings are well equipped to engineer an effective analytics solution for enterprises that are ready to win with insights from Big Data.

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