Cloud Applications

The cloud is inevitable. Business and technology leaders universally recognize that its unrelenting, continuing disruptive influence will transform economies and capabilities to drive market wins. Faster deployments, reduced capital expenditures, flexible supply and lower costs are just a few game-changers that come in its wake. There is a rider though. It takes wherewithal to capture the value of the cloud. Uncertainties and questions about its actual implementation still plague decision-makers, as they move from existing systems and infrastructure to embrace cloud computing. Transcending strategic, tactical and operational areas, the complexity extends to issues across the enterprise. It is as much about steering the strategic direction and business model of being “on-the-cloud” as it is about the financial and technical evaluation, the roadmap, deployment, migration and maintenance.

Through our Advisory and Implementation Services, Valforma is committed to helping enterprises chart their course through technology transformation, with value-added engagements targeted at enabling clients adopt a stable, sustainable and scalable cloud-centric strategy.

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